The Hollies - Cover 1
The Hollies - Cover 2
Foto Vorderseite: Hoffmann, Hans J.; Foto Rückseite: Niemeyer-Friedrich, Petra

The Hollies

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Release Info

Year of Release 1968
Label SR International
Catalog No 76 935
Recorded by Hansa Record
RPM 33 ⅓
Genre Pop/ Rock
Signature L 8606
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Track Info

  • King Midas In Reverse
  • Rain On The Window
  • Stop Right There
  • Leave Me
  • Signs That Will Never Change
  • Ye Olde Toffee Shoppe
  • Then The Heartaches Begin
  • Carrie Anne
  • Lullaby To Tim
  • Have You Ever Loved Somebody
  • You Need Love
  • Heading For A Fall
  • Water On The Brain
  • The Games We Play
The Hollies
Clarke, Allan; Hicks, Tony; Nash, Graham
Lyrics by
Clarke, Allan ; Hicks, Tony ; Nash, Graham