Eugen Cicero - Cover 1
Eugen Cicero - Cover 2
Hoffmann, H.

Eugen Cicero

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Release Info

Year of Release 1968
Label SR International
Catalog No 77 051
Recorded by SABA
RPM 33 ⅓
Genre Jazz
Signature L 8501
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Track Info

"Und Bach?". nach Präludium in c-moll.
Sonate C-dur
Solfeggio c-moll
Cicero, Eugen (Piano) / Witte, Peter (Bass) / Antolini, Charly (Drums)
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
Fantasie d-moll
Ouverture miniature. aus der "Nußknacker-Suite", op. 71 a.
  • Grande Valse brillante Es-dur, op. 18
  • Etude E-dur, op. 10, Nr. 3
  • Valse cis-moll, op. 64, Nr. 2