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Mike Oldfield. Discovery - FrontMike Oldfield. Discovery - Back
Culture Club. Kissing To Be Clever - FrontCulture Club. Kissing To Be Clever - Back
Johnny Hates Jazz. Turn Back The Clock - FrontJohnny Hates Jazz. Turn Back The Clock - Back
Genesis. Invisible Touch - FrontGenesis. Invisible Touch - Back
Peter Gabriel. So - FrontPeter Gabriel. So - Back
Sydney Youngblood. Feeling Free - FrontSydney Youngblood. Feeling Free - Back
Roy Orbison. Mystery Girl - FrontRoy Orbison. Mystery Girl - Back
Sandra. Paintings In Yellow - FrontSandra. Paintings In Yellow - Back
Mike Oldfield. Tubular Bells - FrontMike Oldfield. Tubular Bells - Back
The Human League. Dare! - FrontThe Human League. Dare! - Back
Culture Club. Waking up with the House on Fire - FrontCulture Club. Waking up with the House on Fire - Back
Julian Lennon. Valotte - FrontJulian Lennon. Valotte - Back
Fascination. 16 Hits Of Today - FrontFascination. 16 Hits Of Today - Back
Mike Oldfield. Crises - FrontMike Oldfield. Crises - Back
Heaven 17. The Luxury Gap - FrontHeaven 17. The Luxury Gap - Back
T'Pau. Bridge Of Spies - FrontT'Pau. Bridge Of Spies - Back
Gary Moore. Wild Frontier - FrontGary Moore. Wild Frontier - Back
Nicki. Kleine Wunder - FrontNicki. Kleine Wunder - Back
Working Week. Companeros - FrontWorking Week. Companeros - Back
Sandra. Mirrors - FrontSandra. Mirrors - Back
OMD. The Pacific Age - FrontOMD. The Pacific Age - Back
Nicki. Weihnachten mit Nicki - FrontNicki. Weihnachten mit Nicki - Back
Nicki. Ganz oder gar net - FrontNicki. Ganz oder gar net - Back
Sandra. The Long Play - FrontSandra. The Long Play - Back
Enigma. MCMXC a. D - FrontEnigma. MCMXC a. D - Back
Gary Moore. After The War - FrontGary Moore. After The War - Back
Sandra. Into A Secret Land - FrontSandra. Into A Secret Land - Back
Steve Winwood. Roll with it - FrontSteve Winwood. Roll with it - Back
Mike Oldfield. Platinum - FrontMike Oldfield. Platinum - Back
Mike Oldfield. QE2 - FrontMike Oldfield. QE2 - Back
Mike Oldfield. Music Wonderland - FrontMike Oldfield. Music Wonderland - Back
Mike Oldfield. Five Miles Out - FrontMike Oldfield. Five Miles Out - Back
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. The Best Of OMD - FrontOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. The Best Of OMD - Back
Culture Club. Colour By Numbers - FrontCulture Club. Colour By Numbers - Back