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Winston Churchill

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Jahr 1965
Label Decca
Katalog-Nr 72 280
Aufnahmen von -
Bemerkung Sonderauflage
UPM 33 ⅓
Genre Non-music
Signatur L 7701
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Track Info

  • You Ask What Is Our Policy (Without Victory There Is No Survival)
  • President Kennedy
  • A Proclamation. Washington (The proclamation bearing the signature of Presiden John F. Kennedy declaring Sir Winston Churchill to be an Honorary Citizen of the United States of America.).
  • Corporal Hitler
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Ribbentrop (Winston Churchill speaks of his meeting with Von Ribbentrop in London, 1937.)
  • War, September 1939 (Churchill describes the beginning of The Second World War.)
  • Fall Of The Government (May 8th, 1940 - Mr. Chamberlain resigns and Mr. Churchill forms his government.)
  • Prime Minister (Winston Churchill as Prime Minister makes his first speech to the House of Commons on May 13th. 1940.)
  • Whatever Happens At Dunkirk (The deliverance of Dunkirk, June, 1940.)
  • Dunkirk Evacuation
  • Fight On The Beaches
  • Their Finest Hour (A speech delivered to the House of Commons, June 18th, 1940.)
  • Never In The Field Of Human Conflict
  • Invasion Of Britain (The crux of the whole war. A radio speech September 11th, 1940 London. The air attacks on Britain.)
  • Battle Of Britain (September 15th, 1940) (The culminating date. Winston Churchill describes the attack of this peak day in The Battle of Britain. The failure of which persuaded Hitler to postpone Operation Sea Lion, his plan to invade Britain.)
  • Like The Mississippi, Let It Roll (September 17th, 1940. The House of Commons, London. Secret Session.)
  • Battle Of The Atlantic (Desert Victory - The Battle of France was lost, the Battle of Britain was won. The Battle of the Atlantic had now to be fought.)
  • Give Us The Tools (...and we will finish the job. A world broadcast from London, February 9th, 1941.)
  • Victory V Broadcasts: To The Italian People: To The Polish People: To The French People
  • United We Stand, Divided We Fall
  • Hitler's Corroding Fingers
  • Invasion Of Russia (The fourth climacteric. A world broadcast on the German invasion of Russia, June 22nd, 1941.)
  • Do Your Worst, And We Will Do Our Best (A speech at a luncheon given by The London Country Council after the review of the Civil Defence Services in Hyde Park, July 14th, 1941.)
  • Meeting With Roosevelt (A world broadcast from London, August 24th, 1941.)
  • How Near is The U.S. To War?
  • Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor (A speech delivered first to the House of Commons and then broadcast to the world. December 8th, 1941.)
  • Look At The Londoners
  • Some Chicken... Some Neck
  • Blood, Tears, Toil, And Sweat (The end of the beginning. A speech at the Lord Mayor's Day Luncheon at the Mansion House, London, November 10th, 1842.)
  • The Infernal Combustion Engine (A speech to the U.S. Congress, delivered in the Capitol Washington and broadcast to the world, May 19th, 1943.)
  • Unconditional Surrender (Winston Churchill broadcasts to the world on the Nazi surrender, May 8th, 1945.)
  • The Atomic Bomb
  • The Iron Curtain
  • This Is Your Victory (During the celebrations which follow the announcement of Germany's unconditional surrender. The Prime Minister makes a speech from the balcony of the Ministry of Health building to the crowds in Whitehall, London, May 8th, 1945.)
Churchill, Winston
Stott, Wally; Farnon, Robert