The Human League. Dare! - Cover 1
The Human League. Dare! - Cover 2
Photography by Aris, Brian; Cover Design by Philip and Adrian

The Human League. Dare!

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Release Info

Jahr 1982
Label Virgin
Katalog-Nr 29 034 9
Aufnahmen von -
Bemerkung Club Edition
UPM 33 ⅓
Genre Pop/ Rock
Signatur L 5985
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Track Info

  • The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
  • Open Your Heart
  • The Sound Of The Crowd
  • Darkness
  • Do Or Die
  • Get Carter
  • I Am The Law
  • Seconds
  • Love Action (I Believe In Love)
  • Don't You Want Me
The Human League
Oakey; Wright; Callis; Burden; Budd