Lobo. "Of a simple man" - Cover 1
Lobo. "Of a simple man" - Cover 2
Album Design: Maurer Productions; Cover Photography: Moorman, Marion; Art Direction: Weinstein, Beverly

Lobo. "Of a simple man"

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Release Info

Jahr 1974
Label Philips
Katalog-Nr 62 360
Aufnahmen von -
Bemerkung Club-Sonderauflage
UPM 33 ⅓
Genre Pop/ Rock
Signatur L 3104
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Track Info

  • Intro
  • There ain't no way
  • A big red kite
  • Recycle Sally
  • Don't expect me to be your friend
  • A simple man
  • I'd love you to want me
  • Let me down easy
  • Pee-ro Juan Valdez Sam Quixote
  • Running deer
  • Gypsy and the midnight ghost
  • Am I true to myself