The Golden Gate Quartet - Cover 1
The Golden Gate Quartet - Cover 2

The Golden Gate Quartet

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Release Info

Jahr 1970
Label Impression
Katalog-Nr 9215
Aufnahmen von Columbia
Bemerkung Sonderauflage
Altbestand Deutsche Buch-Gemeinschaft
UPM 33 ⅓
Genre Jazz
Signatur L 28428
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Track Info

  • Eternal Light
  • Gospel Alphabeths
  • I want to wings
  • Rock my Soul
  • Let us cheer the weary traveller
  • Jezebel
  • I couldn't rest contented
  • Now the day is over
  • Ride on Moses
  • Deep your finger in some water
  • Ship of Zion
  • Round the Bay of Mexico
  • End of my journey
  • Glory Hallelujah
  • Don't you talk about it
I will be home again
Good morning
Down by the riverside
  • When was Jesus born?
  • There is a man going around
Ezekiel saw the wheel
St. Louis Blues
  • Deep River
  • Steel away and pray