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Accept. Metal Heart - FrontAccept. Metal Heart - Back
Scorpions. Love At First Sting - FrontScorpions. Love At First Sting - Back
Europe. The Final Countdown - FrontEurope. The Final Countdown - Back
Scorpions. World Wide Live - FrontScorpions. World Wide Live - Back
Doro & Warlock. Rare Diamonds - FrontDoro & Warlock. Rare Diamonds - Back
Heavy Hammer Hits IV/90 - FrontHeavy Hammer Hits IV/90 - Back
Kings of Speed Metal - FrontKings of Speed Metal - Back
Metal Ballads. Vol. 2 - FrontMetal Ballads. Vol. 2 - Back
Metal Ballads - FrontMetal Ballads - Back
Judas Priest. Ram it down - FrontJudas Priest. Ram it down - Back
Alice Cooper. Love It To Death - FrontAlice Cooper. Love It To Death - Back
Thin Lizzy. Black Rose. A Rock Legend - FrontThin Lizzy. Black Rose. A Rock Legend - Back
Scorpions. Lovedrive - FrontScorpions. Lovedrive - Back
AC/DC. Highway To Hell - FrontAC/DC. Highway To Hell - Back
Nazareth. Malice in Wunderland - FrontNazareth. Malice in Wunderland - Back
Kiss. Unmasked - FrontKiss. Unmasked - Back
Rainbow. Difficult to Cure - FrontRainbow. Difficult to Cure - Back
Meat Loaf. Bat Out Of Hell - FrontMeat Loaf. Bat Out Of Hell - Back
Motörhead. No sleep 'til Hammersmith - FrontMotörhead. No sleep 'til Hammersmith - Back
Black Sabbath - FrontBlack Sabbath - Back
Warlock. Triumph And Agony - FrontWarlock. Triumph And Agony - Back
AC/DC. If You Want Blood You've Got It - FrontAC/DC. If You Want Blood You've Got It - Back
Uriah Heep. Innocent Victim - FrontUriah Heep. Innocent Victim - Back
Paladin. Charge! - FrontPaladin. Charge! - Back
Hawkwind. Hawkwind - FrontHawkwind. Hawkwind - Back
Hawkwind. Hall of the Mountain Grill - FrontHawkwind. Hall of the Mountain Grill - Back
Heavy Metal Monster Festival - FrontHeavy Metal Monster Festival - Back
Accept. Russian Roulette - FrontAccept. Russian Roulette - Back
Black Sabbath. Tyr - FrontBlack Sabbath. Tyr - Back
Scorpions. Crazy World - FrontScorpions. Crazy World - Back
Annihilator. Never, Neverland - FrontAnnihilator. Never, Neverland - Back
Metal Ballads. Vol. 3 - FrontMetal Ballads. Vol. 3 - Back
Doro - FrontDoro - Back
Metal Queens. Women In Rock - FrontMetal Queens. Women In Rock - Back
AC/DC. The Razors Edge - FrontAC/DC. The Razors Edge - Back
Heavy Hammer Hits II/90 - FrontHeavy Hammer Hits II/90 - Back
Heavy Hammer Hits III/90 - FrontHeavy Hammer Hits III/90 - Back
Hard'n Heavy Heroes - FrontHard'n Heavy Heroes - Back
Heavy Hammer Hits - FrontHeavy Hammer Hits - Back
Doro + Warlock. Force Majeure - FrontDoro + Warlock. Force Majeure - Back
Hard 'N Heavy Super Festival - FrontHard 'N Heavy Super Festival - Back
Hawkwind. Doremi Fasol Latido - FrontHawkwind. Doremi Fasol Latido - Back
Scorpions. Animal Magnetism - FrontScorpions. Animal Magnetism - Back
Judas Priest. The Best Of - FrontJudas Priest. The Best Of - Back
Heavy Rock Super Groups - FrontHeavy Rock Super Groups - Back
Scorpions. Savage Amusement - FrontScorpions. Savage Amusement - Back
Super Group. Festival. Volume II - FrontSuper Group. Festival. Volume II - Back
Super Groups' Meeting - FrontSuper Groups' Meeting - Back